Corporate Workshops, Bachelorette & Birthday Celebrations, Flowers & Wedding Bouquets Preservation & so much more!

Thank you for your interest in engaging our services.  Feel free to drop us an email for a customised proposal according to your needs.  Workshops can be arranged at our studio or off site (such as your office or event venue)  Online workshop is available for selected classes.  We are able to conduct all workshops in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.  


Corporate Workshop - Team Bonding

Resin & floral art is a great way to learn a new skill, unwind while having creative bonding sessions with your colleagues.  Send us your request and we can customise a class according to your needs such as duration of class & location etc.




Bachelorette & Parties

At Odoroki Studio, we have conducted countless bridal shower, birthday parties and celebration parties.  Selected workshops are also suitable for kids from age 9 years old & above.  It is our honour to be part of your special occasion.



Flower Preservation Services 

Do you have a precious flower or bouquet that's really meaningful & you want to preserve it for a longer time?  Are you a gardener that hope to keep some of your flowers and plant as part of your herbarium collection?  We can preserve your flowers & plants in many ways and turn them into beautiful display art, home decorations or even jewellery.  If you like to preserve your own flowers, you can join our Flower Preservation Workshop.   For more information, send us an email for enquiry

pressed flower preservation wedding bouquet service