(Pre-order) Water Resistant Air Dry Clay White Tokenai-kun
new Sale Sold Out
(Pre-order) Water Resistant Air Dry Clay White Tokenai-kun
new Sale Sold Out
(Pre-order) Water Resistant Air Dry Clay White Tokenai-kun
new Sale Sold Out
(Pre-order) Water Resistant Air Dry Clay White Tokenai-kun
new Sale Sold Out


(Pre-order) Water Resistant Air Dry Clay White Tokenai-kun

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Lightweight Clay

Lightweight clay with plasticity is treated against drops of water. It provides a smooth & fine texture like Hearty clay. It is ideal for making charms, accessories, and outdoor artworks.

Package size: W180mm×H110mm×D20mm
Color: White
Shrinkage: 6.25%

Made in Japan

[Water resistance]
〇 After drying, it is water resistant 

Clay that can be mixed
〇 Lightweight clay, woody clay


  •  It is a lightweight clay that becomes difficult to dissolve in water when it dries completely.
  •  Though it is light, it is strong, doesn't bend easily, and has a durable finish.
  •  Strong water resistance and does not dissolve even when it gets wet, so the finished work can be exhibited outside. *** (please see notes below)
  •  You can mix paint*** with clay to make colored clay, or you can paint after it's completely dry
  • *1 It cannot be used for flower vases or underwater objects because it is water resistant at the level of daily life waterproofing.
  • *2 It will be exhibited for a short period of time because it is water resistant at the level of daily life waterproofing.
  • *3 When mixing or coloring with watercolor paint, the paint will melt when it gets wet. We recommend acrylic paint.


  1. If you knead it well, it will spread softly and be easy to use.
  2. You can also adjust the hardness by adding water to the clay.
  3. If you want to reduce wrinkles on the surface of the work, soak it in a small amount of water before it dries and tan it with water
    (using a large amount of water will weaken the water resistance).
  4. It will harden when it is dried naturally for about 3 to 7 days.
    (Drying time varies depending on thickness and environment.)
  •  To prevent hardening, wrap the remaining clay in plastic wrap, put it in a plastic bag, seal it, and store it in a cool place.
  •  We recommend woodworking bond for adhesion after drying.

Terms of Conditions for Workshops

Minimum Size to start

At the event when the minimum number of participant for each workshop is not met, we will inform you least ONE day in advance and you can select to book the next available class.

Photos and videos

Photos and videos will be taken during the workshop session for marketing purposes. Participants can take photos of their own progress but should always ask for consent when taking other’s participants' work. No photo or video recording is allowed during our demo sessions.

Content of Workshops:

The creator and designers at Odoroki Studio spend weeks and sometimes months for R&D to create a new workshop curriculum. We would like to ask you to respect our creations, ideas, and workshop details especially the techniques, methodology, etc. All workshop content should not be replicated or adapted fully or partially for profit or non-profit gains. Any means of replicating or adapting fully or partially our workshops for profit are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to take legal action for participants that do not abide the above.

Price indicated is for 1 participant only for both online & in-person workshops. No 3rd person or observer should sit in for the class. For parents who wish to participate with child, an extra seat needs to be purchased.

Online Workshop

All basic materials and tools if any will be delivery to your home. As we need time to pack and send over the parcel, please book at least 5 working days in advance before the class.

Price indicated is for 1 participant only for both online & in-person workshops. No 2nd or 3rd person or observer should sit in for the class. For parents who wish to participate with child, an extra seat needs to be purchased. For certain online class we offer dual or family packages.

Classes will be conduct via zoom and all participants are required to turn on their camera. Our instructor would like to engage with everyone for a fuller learning experience. Odoroki Studio reserve the rights to reject participants out of zoom if our instructor is unable to see or engage with him/her and no refund will be given.

Please respect our creative work and the effort to create a class, do not record the workshop or share the log in link to anyone.

Safety Precaution:

We use premium quality, non-VOC resin from US & Japan in our class. However, if you have a prior allergy to resin before, we recommend that you not to attend the class. Participants must follow safety instructions by the trainers. We will not be liable for any allergic reaction or accident due to individual negligence. Cleaning fees will also be charged if there is negligence that causes spillage, wastage of materials etc.

All classes are suitable for age 12 & above except alcohol ink classes. For children above age of 9 (but below 12), we recommend only taking classes using UV-Resin. An accompanying adult with a child for any workshop is considered 2 participants and you will need to sign up for 2 seats. We recommend parent to sign up together with your child if he/she is below 12 years old.


There will be strictly no refund of payment or cancellation for the workshop paid. In view of Covid 19, If you are not feeling well or recovering from any sickness, have traveled or had in contact with anyone who has traveled or has any flu-like, fever, coughing symptoms, please do not attend the class. Inform your instructor as soon as you can and we will inform you to rebook a different slot. No refund or rebooking will be provided for no-show.

Rebooking of class

In view of Covid-19, you are allowed to reschedule your class if you are not feeling well. The first reschedule will be free of charge and subsequent changes will require a rebooking fee of $10 per pax.

Covid 19 Measurements: (updated Jan 2022)

Our current group class size will capped at 8 per session. For larger group, please contact us for arrangement. Workshop may need to be conducted offsite. We have been and will continue to sanitise all tools, chair & tables after each class. Your safety is our priority. For group of 5 & more, we can also arrange online classes. Just drop us an email for arrangement. All participants should wear their masks covering both mouth and nose at all times. There will be strictly no food or drinks in the studio. We will also provide extra tools to reduce/avoid sharing of any materials. Gloves are provided if necessary. Participants with any sign of flu or fever or who do not abide our safety rules will be turned away from the class.


Handmade Products, Material & Shipping Policy

Local Shipping

All Local shipping will require 2-3 working days (longer during sales or festive season) of processing time and will be shipped out with door step delivery with a flat rate of $4.50. A tracking number will be sent via email, do check your spam folder for that. Parcels will be delivered within 3-4 working days upon processing. Please allow longer delivery time during peak periods such as festive season, public holiday etc.

You can track your shipment from the following website

Ninja Van: Tracking number starting with NIN followed by numbers and alpha numerics. Example: NINSGS0M1KTGB8


Q-Delivery: Tracking number starting with C, followed by 7 digits and ends with SGSG. Example C4567890SGSG


* Ninja van offers 3 delivery attempts to ensure your parcels arrive safely. Customer will be responsible for additional delivery charges if parcel is not delivered successfully after the 3rd attempt.

Pick Up

We currently do not offer self pick up option.

International Shipping

We will be updating our site to accept international orders soon. You may drop us an email for a quotation of the shipping rate to your country at hello@odorokistudio.com. Please state clearly the item and quantity you wish to purchase and our service team will get back to you asap.

Replacement, Return & Exchange

Upon receiving your parcel, please check through your orders. Any missing, defective or wrong item sent must be informed within 3 working days upon receiving the parcel. We will require photo/video proof and the original item to be sent back (if needed) to us within 7 working days for assessment. There will be strictly no exchange of products unless the item has been sent wrongly or has severely damaged through delivery. All sales are non-refundable.

For Handmade items, slight imperfection, bubbles are normal. Handmade item that consist of natural element such as flowers, fruit, plant, food etc may have colour change over time due to exposure to UV light and humidity. All the creations will still be wearable and the product will have an vintage feel which has its own charm and character.

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